Concept Fruits


At the heart of the mountains of Ardèche, the passion of fruit.

At the heart of the country chestnut and fruit since 1975, CONCEPT Fruits, formerly Ardèche Chestnuts, was originally created by a group of farmers.
Over time, the company is mainly specialized in the processing of chestnut.
Since 2008, CONCEPT Fruits belongs to Roger Descours, French leader and leading European player in the frozen fruit industry group.

Thanks to its expertise, the quality of its products, and its key innovation Concept Fruits has emerged as a major player in the chestnut trade.

Dynamic and innovative, Concept Fruits explores new trends, which earned it two consecutive innovation prizes at the International Exhibition of Food Industry, for its gourmet and original recipes (Chestnuts Cooked and Sweet Chestnut).

Addressing both supermarkets and hypermarkets in the restaurant, catering and food industry, Concept Fruits diversified product lines, by incorporating a selection of organic products, and fits through packaging specific for professionals.

Concept Fruits is continuing a natural development in the dynamics of Descours Group in France and abroad with an export share of almost 40% in 22 countries.


A new production plant

An investment of € 8 million was spent on the construction of a new plant, located in a green area Vernosc-les-Annonay. This structure at the forefront of technology, and a surface of 6000 m², was built on the principle of forward motion. The raw material enters the factory on one side turns without ever turning back or be in contact with the staff, and comes out the other end wrapped.


CONCEPT Fruits, a team of specialists

CONCEPT Fruits relies on a team of expert professionals in fruit processing. The new manufacturing facility, operational since 2013, meets the highest standards of the food industry.
The organization and infrastructure are now certified International Food Standards (IFS) to the next level and British Retail Consortium (BRC) grade A. For the transformation of chestnuts from Organic Agriculture, the company received approval ECOCERT FR-BIO-01.

Regular supply, qualitative and quantitative rigor and expertise make CONCEPT Fruits your contact for the supply of products from fruit.

Concept Fruits

  • Name: Concept Fruits
  • City / Country: Vernosc-les-Annonay / France
  • Date of creation / redemption: 2008
  • Turnover: 11 million €uros
  • Worked Fruits: Fruits Concept is specialized in the processing of chestnuts
  • Area: 7000 m ²
  • Certification: BRC IFS
  • Tonnage (capacity): 5000 Tons
  • Employees: 30 people


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2180 route de Beauvène
07160 Saint-Barthélémy-le-Meil FRANCE

Tél : +33(0)4 75 29 01 44





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