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SIAL 2022 actu Descours

End clap on SIAL 2022

Dear customers and partner, dear friends, all Roger DESCOURS Group team frozen fruit division and Concept fruits, chestnut processing unit thanks’ you for your visits and the time spent with us on our stand 5 A G105.

Like all the trade shows, this one was rich in meetings, we have the chance to share common values between colleagues and partners from all around the world, the chance to travel and share unforgettable moments.

As this quote from Boris VIAN says so well

« … In short, beauty is everywhere. It’s not she who is missing in our eyes, it is our eyes that miss her … »
Boris Vian

We’ll be happy to see you again next year from 9 to 23 January 2023, during the “Salon International de la Restauration, de l’Hôtellerie, et de l’Alimentation” at EUREXPO – Lyon. (SIRHA)

While our mother nature has put on her autumn colors, now place in “Ardèche” and in Europe in the chestnut crops.

The Chestnut, a product of our mother nature that reminds us the good smell of wood fire, grilled and delicacies, this particular smell that emanates from the brazier and the cone of newspaper. This smell intimately associated with winter and the end of year celebrations.

Smell associated with family, our childhood and the beautiful moments of our life. The cultivation of chestnuts is a part of the heritage in “Ardèche”. It was for a long time an essential resource for feeding poor populations and today benefits from a protected designation origin. Our colleagues and friends of CONCEPT FRUIT know all the possible recipes, do not hesitate to contact them.

See you in Sirha Lyon 2023 to celebrate the new year.

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2180 route de Beauvène
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